02 April 2009

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Welcome to the Two Gringas adventures in the Americas.

The Two Gringas are:

Galena Alyson Canada, a.k.a. Lena a.k.a. Miss Lena:
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Photo by Prudencia Choc.

Denise Louise Kolb
, a.k.a. Neesie a.k.a. Miss Denise:
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[Note: D's blog is temporarily turned off, due to privacy concerns.]

The first Gringa travelogue happened back in 2003 when Lena needed to move her car from Vashon Island (near Seattle in Washington State, USA) to her home in Maya Centre Village (near Dangriga Town in Belize, Central America). Lena wrote about that trip as it was unfolding, on a couple of Belize-related BBSs (here and here) to which she is a member. Thus was born the popular saga A Gringa Drives to Belize, now available here in full, photo gallery and slide shows included.

Since then other adventures have occurred, including one, two, three more Washington-to-Belize drives, and a loop around the USA that Denise made in 2007. There is also a "prequel" to all this, which is the original trip to Belize made back in 1998 by Lena and her daughter Soleil, defacto the actual first Two Gringas adventure. The travelogues and photos of these other adventures are being added to this site as time permits.

At this writing the log of the fourth Two Gringas Drive to Belize alas remains unfinished, as so often happens here. The only really "complete" travelogue at this writing is the 2003 trip, and that took several years before it was finally done!

Currently, Denise is back from a holiday in Hawaii (we'll try to get a Gringas piece out of her) and Lena is recently returned from several months at the Cape Tribulation Tropical Research Station in far north-eastern Australia.

Future expeditions currently in the planning stages include another possible Central American drive-down around the end of 2009, a Mundo Maya Belize-Yucatan-Chiapas-Guatemala-Belize loop by Lena, originally intended for 2008 but now put off till 2010, and hopefully a drive around South America tentatively set for who-knows-when.

Galena Alyson Canada 28 February 2008 Vashon Island Washington USA
Updated 26 April 2008 Stann Creek, Belize, C.A.
Updated 2 April 2009 Vashon Island, Washington, USA
Updated 29 August 2009 Vashon Island, Washington, USA

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